Pam Andy gross @ the grocery

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Pamela Anderson, ill fitting bra with nips a-flairin clomped out of her skankasaur cave to do some scavenging at a nearby sustenance mart. Through her stringy hair she eyed our camera’s but soon went about her business tending to her food items. At first we thought she was pregnant but then remembered that she is 42 years old and the belly is merely a produce of pot belly aging or the accumulation of so many wrinkles that they’ve just pancaked themselves in her midsection.

Pam Anderson: Gold turning to Bronze

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One of the Skankasaurus’ survival tactics as it ages is the art of the mimic with a heavy layer of denial. In other words: if you act like you’re still a hot 22 year old, others will see you as one.

Here we have Pamela Anderson, cavorting around like she’s still in her golden age of sexiness when she’s really in her bronze age of sag + gross made a splash with designer Richie Rich up on stage during fashion week. And by “splash” we mean the kind that a doodie makes when it hits the toilet water…