Mischa Barton ‘kicked out of ladies toilets’

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“Used to be famous” American skank Mischa Barton was spotted drinking vodka and cranberry juice all night at the Whisky Mist nightclub in Mayfair, UK when she got scolded for trying to have a party in the toilet.

A source tells the Daily Mail that Barton was sitting with her entourage at a VIP table when she dragged her friend Bridget into the bathroom and then into a single toilet cubicle together. Since that’s the kind of thing you only do to either have sex with privacy or snort cocaine, the bathroom attendant scolded them, saying “What are you doing? You are not allowed to go in together, you have to come out now.”

‘Mischa looked really pissed off and embarrassed but her friend was fine about it.’ said the source, who must have been in the bathroom at the time this allegedly occurred. Mischa went into a seperate stall, but took so long snorting doing whatever she was doing, that the attendant had to check on her with some “are you okay in there?” type knocks which apparently went unanswered as her friend in the neighboring stall had to then do the same.

The source added: ‘When she came out of the cubicle, she was complaining about people knocking on the door. She looked slightly worse for wear as she attempted to apply her make-up.’

Mischa Barton staggering in London
Sunglasses were necessary because it was so bright outside in the middle of the night and everything.

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