Pam Andy gross @ the grocery

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Pamela Anderson, ill fitting bra with nips a-flairin clomped out of her skankasaur cave to do some scavenging at a nearby sustenance mart. Through her stringy hair she eyed our camera’s but soon went about her business tending to her food items. At first we thought she was pregnant but then remembered that she is 42 years old and the belly is merely a produce of pot belly aging or the accumulation of so many wrinkles that they’ve just pancaked themselves in her midsection.

Evolution: Mischa Barton

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Skank Robbers official Trailer

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Tyler Perry was humorously referenced in a spoof of a summer film shot by BET Awards host Jamie Foxx and actor/comedian Martin Lawrence. In the bit, Lawrence’s cross-dressing character initially looks a lot like Perry’s trademark Madea matriarch except that “she” is knocking over a bank with Foxx’s “Wanda” character.

The name of the fictitious flick: “Skank Robbers.”

Cracked Foxx after the clip: “Tyler Perry, you didn’t call me back!”

Kelly Osborne gets her head smashed

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Last summer 23-year-old Kelly Osborne got a gash on her face as well as a black eye when a kitchen cupboard fell on her, cutting her face.

We don’t have any more details than that, so we’re just going to make up the scenario that Kelly was trying to reach either a cake that had heroine needle candles OR a bucket of fried chicken that was laced with LSD that her parents had tried to hide from her out of reach.

Also for some reason, she turned into an albino.

Kelly Osborne looking skanky as usual